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this story is being written still

fables glimpses

they were lost in the forest

In fairytales, the child often lost underneath the vast sky and stars must finds their way through what is often a deep, dark forbidding forest. Dangers, tests and most of all choices to be made are present in great abundance  and not least of all tempting delights to be overcome.

These woods which they travel paint a sort of landscape and hold up a mirror of own life travels. Fables, stories ,childhood and growing-up are the ongoing story of the person they are yet to become. 





she found a lone reindeer in the forest ...We are faced with a dream like worlds where imagination and reality seem to be the same. Sleeping under an unknown canopy of trees in our search for answers. 

 Prettydreamer is my exploration of these memories and stories and places in nature that are both our own and yet belong to the stranger unknown. 


the woodcutter stumbles across the sight in the forestBuilt from the common language of nature and fables, materials and thoughts that linger in shadows waiting to be spoken, we find ourselves still looking out with the eyes of child hanging on the words that will form the next story.



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